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The Best Mattresses For Couples


The dreaded roll together has been a sparking point between couples for years, causing flared tempers and sleepless nights. No one should have to suffer from roll together though as with memory foam mattresses it just won’t happen.

Roll together happens when the mattress has become damaged or old and a rut forms, into which the couple roll into and cannot escape. It happens incredibly fast with spring and traditional foam mattresses as they are not durable and they do not ‘remember’ their shape, like memory foam.

Memory foam, as the name suggests, remembers it shape. It also reacts to your body temperature, moulding itself to fit you, and your partner, perfectly. That means that you both get the best night’s sleep possible. It won’t transfer your movements through to your partner either, because it a dense and solid foam that only becomes soft with your heat. That means that you will both be able to sleep the night away without disturbing each other.

Because it doesn’t hold dust or harbour bed bugs or dust mites, it is also the best bed for anyone with allergies, meaning you don’t have to compromise on comfort for health.

To prevent roll together, get a memory foam mattress and you will both sleep like a dream.

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