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Why You'll Never Need To Try Ergoflex Before You Buy


There are a number of reasons you never need to try Ergoflex before you buy. The first is that Ergoflex mattresses are made from memory foam, the space aged material that is heat reactive and shapes itself to your body. This means that no matter what body size you are, your Ergoflex will mould perfectly to you, ensuring that you are incredibly comfortable yet totally supported. This material is the next level in sleep comfort technology and has revolutionised mattress science. For this reason alone, you never need to try an Ergoflex before you buy: each mattress is tailor made for you, each mattress is bespoke. The very nature of memory foam means that you are guaranteed the best sleep of your life.

If that is not enough, Ergoflex mattresses are made with high density memory foam, meaning that they have a fuller-bodied and more luxurious feel, providing the ideal balance between comfort and support. The density rating will tell you how much visco-elastic memory foam is contained within the foam layer, with a higher density rating indicating the foam has more numerous and smaller cells, which are what give the memory foam its metamorphic capability.  Higher density memory foam mattresses also have a longer life span, meaning you get more from your mattress for longer. 

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