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Does foam get heavy after years of use?


The saying that there is power in numbers could have been coined for the insect world. Individually insects do not amount for much but when they are taken in aggregate their influence on the wider world is staggering. Think of termites, alone one could barely put a dent in a building over many years, but working in a colony that numbers in its millions, these pests can make a house structurally unsound in a year.

Likewise, a single dust mite is so tiny that it would seem to have little influence on our lives, but taken in mass it can. Aside from causing allergies in many sleepers they also cause a standard foam mattress to double its weight in around ten years.

In ten years, the dust mites that live in a standard mass will cause it to double in weight. That really is a disgusting statistic when you think about it. Much of this extra weight is dust mite droppings, meaning that many people are sleeping on a massive dust mite toilet.

If you want to avoid this fate, then you need memory foam. Because of its structure, memory foam is impenetrable, meaning that dust mites simply cannot get inside. This makes the mattress hypoallergenic and means it won’t become a dust mite toilet.

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