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Is your sleeping position affecting your memory foam?


Many people who have never slept on the somnolent joy that is memory foam often worry that their sleeping position will affect the memory foam, concerned that if they move around a lot in the night they will damage their new mattress.

The truth is that this is not true at all, memory foam is more than capable of handling even the most restless of sleepers, which is one of the marvellous materials strong points. Unlike other mattress materials which will lose their integrity quite quickly, memory foam is good for ten years of wriggling, rolling, tossing and turning.

In fact, memory foam is actually the best material for someone who is a restless sleeper as it will adjust to their new body shape and position each time they move, giving them bespoke bedding no matter how often they roll over. Memory foam reacts
to the heat of an individual’s body, allowing it to quickly mirror someone’s body shape each and every time they move.

If you are a restless sleeper and are worried about damaging a memory foam mattress then relax, memory foam was designed by NASA to deal with high impact re-entry from orbit, it can handle anything you can throw at it.

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