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Memory Foam Mattresses superior to Latex Foam Mattresses


Comparing memory foam to latex foam is like comparing telecommunications now to those of the 1940s. The technology has advanced so much that there is almost no comparison, one is an old model that has been surpassed and the other is the dynamic and revolutionary present. Latex foam is a general all purpose foam that wasn’t designed with sleeping in mind. Memory foam, which was initially developed by NASA as an ideal crash resistant material for their space ships, has been recalibrated as a bedding material and delivers a superior sleep each and every time.

While they both have foam in their name, this doesn’t mean that they are comparable, latex foam is made from rubber while memory foam is made from polyurethane. Therefore, they are not even the same base material. Nor do they have the same qualities.

While memory foam is heat reactive, meaning it will mould itself to each sleeper’s exact body shape and posture, latex doesn’t have this capacity. Similarly, memory foam will spring back to its original form every morning, hence the name, while latex will steadily develop groves and ruts where you most commonly lie, making it increasingly uncomfortable.

Memory foam beats latex in both comfort and support, making it superior in every way.

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