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Memory foam mattress ingredients


The exact recipe for memory foam is as closely guarded a secret as the Colonel’s eleven herbs and spices. This incredible material was first invented by a scientist who was working for NASA. They wanted a material that would protect their astronauts in crashes and so memory foam was born. Then a few years later, an interested party realised that this amazing new material could also provide unbeatable comfort and support for sleepers everywhere and they spent years adapting the formula to provide the perfect balance.

While we cannot divulge the exact recipe for memory foam, we are able to tell you the basic constituents and manufacturing process. The major ingredients are water and two other substances: a polyol, which is an alcohol containing multiple hydrogen- or hydroxyl, groups; and a diisocyanate, which is a chemical compound made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.

These three are mixed together and they react with each other, creating a bubbling mixture that turns into memory foam. The mixture is poured into moulds and allowed to set, which only takes a few minutes. After this it can be cut and shaped with ease.

You could try to work the recipe out for yourself, though it would be a lot easier and cheaper just to buy one of these incredible mattresses!

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