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What Does An Ergoflex Memory Foam Mattress Consist Of?


By now you will have heard of the incredible mattress material called memory foam. It has changed the way we sleep forever. No longer do we have to toss and turn all night, trying to get comfortable,  now there is a bed that is tailored for our own personal body shape and sleeping posture, now there is a bespoke bed for every single one of us. Memory foam is the only mattress material that shapes itself to YOU. No matter which way you like to sleep, no matter how often you move in the night, memory foam will mirror you, providing the perfect cradle.

But what does a memory foam mattress consist of. Ergoflex mattresses have a number of different layers. At the bottom is a 9cm thick density base support layer, followed by a 3cm Cool Sleep Air Flow System, then a 9cm Deluxe 3rd Generation HD Visco-elastic Memory Foam layer, then an inner cover and, finally, a luxurious, removable Jacquard outer cover that is totally machine washable. All up the mattress is 21cm deep.

As you can see by the composition, memory foam mattresses are a feat of engineering, especially when you consider that the memory foam itself was designed by NASA during the space race.

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