Why you should not make your own memory foam mattress


By now no doubt you have heard of the incredible bedding material that has revolutionised the way humans sleep. Memory foam has taken the bedding industry by storm, in effect making every other mattress material obsolete because it is so much better. Because of its amazing heat reactive properties it is able to perfectly mirror the exact body shape and posture of each and every person that sleeps on it. If you haven’t tried memory foam then it is high time you did, it provides an incredible balance between support and comfort.

However, if you are thinking about constructing your own memory foam bed by following one of the ‘instructional’ guides on the internet, you should think again. These guides have been viewed by a number of experts in the field and all have been found wanting. The problem is that memory foam beds need to be constructed with numerous factors in mind, in particular, the aeration and heating of the material, as well as the layer order and thickness.

It will cost about one third to one half the amount to make your own bed that you would pay to buy a new memory foam mattress and you would end up with a disappointing result. When it comes to memory foam mattresses, leave it to the experts.

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