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3 ways to take charge of your brain for better business meetings


3 ways to take charge of your brain for better business meetings

You know that the night before a big meeting or presentation you will end up having a terrible sleep. Rather than peacefully drifting off and having a full and restful night’s sleep, you will spend half the night tossing and turning, trying to get to sleep. The result is you feel like death warmed up the next day and no amount of coffee is going to be able to fix it. We understand how you feel, it happens to the best of us! If you want to kick insomnia to the curb then you need to confront your brain. Yes, the reason for your problematic sleep is you. Here are 3 ways to take charge of your brain for better sleep (and other sleep tips).

Distraction: The first way you can take control of your brain is with distraction. You need to give yourself something else to think about while you are trying to go to sleep otherwise the brain will think about not being able to sleep. There are a number of ways you can distract yourself. Some people like to read their book until they are so exhausted that they drop off, others like to listen to relaxing music, audio books or even specially designed sound effects while they go to sleep. These are excellent methods of distraction and they really can help you to distract your brain so that it will go to sleep.

Meditation: The next method of taking control of your grey matter so that you can go to sleep is meditation. While it would help to learn an actual method of meditation  you do not need to be a master of meditation to make the most of this. There are simple tricks that will help you to meditate. For example, one of the most simple and effective ways of placing your brain into a meditative state is using the OM method. Make the sound OMMMMMMMM in your head over and over again. You can do this in time with your breathing. Focus on this and this alone and you will find that you enter a meditative state, cutting your brain off at the pass.

Relaxation: The third tip involves relaxing the muscles in your body. When you lie in bed you need to go through a process of clenching and relaxing your muscles. Start at your toes and work your way up the body. Do it slowly and methodically. Once you have gone through the process once repeat it again. And again. Focus on doing it evenly on both sides of the body. This can help you to avoid the brain taking control and keeping you awake.

Good luck sleeping, you need to take control of your brain so that it doesn’t rule your sleep. Try these methods on their own or, even better, try them together. You can meditate as you relax, you can relax as you read, though you may struggle to meditate while you read!


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