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4 foods to help you sleep


You are what you eat is a well known and surprisingly accurate phrase. Here is another one that is not so well known but equally accurate. You sleep how you eat.

Some foods (and drinks) help you sleep well and others disturb your nightly rest. That is why it is so important to know which foods to eat if you are struggling with sleep. Here are 4 foods that will help you sleep.

1. Oatmeal. The main ingredient in porridge is a wonderful sleep aid. It contains a raft of sleep inducing nutrients including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon and potassium.

2. Bananas. Bananas are rich in magnesium which is a well known sleep aid so snack on one of these during the day and you will find drifting off a lot easier.

3. Cherries. These delicious berries are one of the few natural sources of melatonin, one of the key sleep related neurotransmitters, so keep a bowl of them handy.

4. Almonds. Almonds are packed with protein, a sleep aid, and they also provide a solid dose of magnesium, helping promote sleep and muscle relaxation. Have a handful of these a day and you will find you fall asleep easier and have a more fulfilling night’s rest.

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