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5 things your dreams are trying to tell you


We all know that often trying to interpret your dreams can end up being a total waste of time, even worse is being told someone else’s dream and being asked what it means. However, there are a few things that your dreams might be telling you.

1. You have a fever. Being feverish can increase dreaming and, in particular, it can increase nightmares so if you are dreaming more or having more nightmares then you may have a fever.

2. You are stressed. Stress can often increase dream activity as well. Stress dreams will quite often involve the issue that is stressing you so if you find this is happening then you need to de-stress as it is not a good sign.

3. You have low blood sugar. Low blood sugar is another cause of increased dreaming, again mostly nightmares.

4. You are pregnant. Being pregnant can cause a rise in dreaming, though not of nightmares. This is related to blood sugar levels, which change will a woman is pregnant.

5. You may have mental health issues. Unsurprisingly there are a number of mental illnesses that can cause an increase in dreams and nightmares, often the dreams become less lucid than normal.

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