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5 tips to sleep like an expert


While some people have no trouble with sleep there are many that struggle to get to sleep and stay asleep. Here are 5 tips that will help you sleep like an expert.

1. Use an audio book on low volume to lull yourself to sleep. The benefit of an audio book is you can listen in the dark and transition to sleep easier. Just make sure the volume is low.

2. Get a white noise machine. White noise is a sort of random static like noise, it is great at masking other sounds and distracting people. White noise is a great way of cutting off any noises and drifting away from the day’s stresses.

3. Total isolation. Some people find that using ear plugs and an eye mask is the best way of getting to sleep and staying asleep. By blocking out light and sound they are able to drift off without any distraction and are less likely to be woken.

4. Practice yoga. Yoga is well known as a calming and relaxing routine, many people use it before bed to relax their body and calm their mind.

5. Tell yourself a story. Some people make up a story while they are trying to go to sleep, adding to it each night. This process is a good way of forgetting about everything else and focusing on something relaxing.

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