5 upgrades to your bedroom for better sleep


Your sleep environment is vital to the quality and quantity of your sleep. Here are 5 awesome upgrades you can make to your bedroom that will help you have a better sleep.

1. Upgrade your pillow. Most pillows are not supportive enough, you can get a well designed pillow that gives your neck the right amount of support, ensuring that you will have a longer and more comfortable sleep.

2. Upgrade your mattress. Too many people sleep on old and unsuitable mattresses. The best mattress is a memory foam mattress as it provides the perfect mirrored cradle for your body, giving you just the right balance of comfort and support throughout the night.

3. Upgrade your curtains. Even a tiny amount of light can disturb your sleep, so get blackout curtains that will ensure your room is pitch black throughout the night.

4. Upgrade your soundscape. A white noise machine makes a random static like sound that masks other noises and helps distract you.

5. Upgrade your doona. Most people sleep best at around 21 degrees, you can get doonas that wick heat away when it is hot and insulate you when it is cold, ensuring you are always the right temperature.

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