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6 things you do during sleep


6 things you do during sleep

Most of the time when we are asleep we are anything but interesting, fortunately this means that most of the time we are also anything but embarrassing. For some poor people though, they would love nothing but being less interesting... and less embarrassing when they are asleep! It is bad enough doing embarrassing things when you are awake and you are responsible for your actions, doing them while you are asleep and have absolutely no idea that you have done them is even worse. As Murphy’s Law would have it, you will almost invariably do these embarrassing sleep time things when you least want them to happen, say you are staying at a new partner’s place, are in a hotel or somewhere else that amplifies the embarrassment factor.

So what are these things that you can do in your sleep that will leave you red in the face in the morning? Here are 6 things you do during sleep you'll want to deny, though chances are you will not be able to.

Drooling: let’s start with the most innocent and least embarrassing. Most of us drool at some time when we are asleep, though for some the amount can go beyond a few drips of saliva on the pillow. Some poor people wake in the morning to find that they have soaked the entire pillow and that their face looks like they’ve been soaking in a hot tub for hours. Try denying that!

Night sweats: next and a bit more embarrassing, night sweats. This might happen because you are sick, others get it because of the medication they are on. Whatever the reason, waking with a soaked bed is awful and hard to deny.

Bed wetting: ok, moving up the embarrassing scale but sticking with the liquid embarrassment, bed wetting is a problem for some adults, as well as many more children. While not that common, some people do have issues with bed wetting and it is incredibly embarrassing. Waking to find you have wet the bed is something you will want to deny but will struggle.

Wet dreams: we said this was going to get embarrassing! The next level of embarrassment (well at this point it is hard to decide which is the worst really) is the wet dream. Some people will wake to find that they have got somewhat “excited” during the night and that this has resulted in... ahem... more embarrassment of the same variety. Yes, some poor people sleep through their own orgasms.

Sleep talking: sleep talking can be mildly embarrassing, and it can be incredibly embarrassing. While some of us mutter incoherently, other people actually spill deep and dark secrets, some even answer questions. You may go to sleep and everything is fine only to wake and find that you have told your loved one something terrible while you were asleep. It has happened before.

Sleep walking: again, while some sleep walking is fairly harmless, the walking into another room and waking up variety, other cases are downright embarrassing, scary and in some cases illegal. Yes, for some poor people sleep walking can involve cheating on your partner and in some real cases murder.  

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