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6 ways to alleviate stress before sleep


Sleep and stress can quickly become a Catch 22 situation. Trying to get to sleep when you are stressed is incredibly difficult, yet sleep is vital for overcoming stress. Here are 6 ways to alleviate stress before sleep so you can actually get to sleep.

1. Relax your muscles. Start at your feet and work your way up. Tense and relax each muscle, focussing on the process.

2. Keep a worry journal. Spend ten minutes before bed each night filling in a journal of your concerns. Simply writing them down can ease the stress you feel.

3. Take a bath. There is nothing like a bath for relaxing the body and mind, so have one before bed and soak away your concerns.

4. Meditate or pray. Spend a few minutes before bed either meditating or praying. This simple mental exercise is a great way of distracting your brain, breaking the stress cycle.

5. Go for a walk. Taking a walk in the evening just before bed is a good way of giving perspective to your concerns. Just make sure you don’t get your heart rate up as this may make it harder to get to sleep.

6. Listen to relaxing music. Put on some calming music as you go to sleep. This will distract you and soothe you.

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