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7 dangers of limited sleep


7 dangers of limited sleep

Are you one of those people who burns the candle at both ends? Are you someone who is busy working and playing so hard that sleep is sacrificed? Well if you are then you need to read on as while this may seem like a good way to live your life, there are a number of consequences that you will suffer from your work hard play hard lifestyle. Here are 7 dangers of limited sleep.

Danger Number One- Chronic Conditions
If you regularly get less than an optimal amount of sleep (roughly 7 or so hours) then you will not only start to feel tired, but you also increase your chances of developing one of several chronic conditions, including cardiovascular issues, arrhythmia, high blood pressure, or diabetes. People who do not sleep properly on a regular basis are 90 per cent more likely to develop one of these than people who sleep well every night.

Danger Number Two- You Will Age Faster
You may feel like you are on top of it all because you are getting more done every day but this will soon start to take a toll on your looks. In fact, it is almost like you are aging more for every hour you are staying awake. There is such a thing as beauty sleep and by missing out on sleep you will age faster, you will get dull skin, red, puffy eyes, fine lines, and dark circles.

Danger Number Three- Decreased Libido
Now this one should be enough to frighten many of you into sleeping properly. It has been shown that people who are sleep deprived have a lower libido. This is due to a decrease in energy levels and results in a decrease in testosterone in men. The longer you go with limited sleep the lower your libido will go.

Danger Number Four- Weight Gain
It has been shown that sleep plays a vital role in your appetite. Getting the right amount of sleep each night helps to balance the two hormones that are in charge of regulating your appetite. Insufficient sleep means that the hormone that makes you hungry will be raised and the one that limits appetite will be lowered. Not only will you be hungrier but you also crave fattier foods. Sleep well to take control of your appetite.

Danger Number Five- Depression
Now this is not just about feeling a bit down because you are tired but refers to serious clinical depression. A recent study found that people who have clinical depression sleep for six or less hours each night and people who are not getting enough sleep are five times as likely to suffer depression.

Danger Number Six- Your Memory Will Suffer
A brand new study has proven that not only does sleep play an important role in your memory formation, it is the time when your neurons are physically connected. In other words, it is vital for memory, it is one of the most important aspects of memory formation. Lack of sleep will impair your memory.

Danger Number Seven- Reduced Cognition
The final danger is that sleep is a critical component in your cognition. In other words, those who do not get enough sleep at night are not as mentally agile as those who sleep well.

If those seven are not enough to scare you into getting enough sleep then nothing will!

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