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Amazing weight loss secret they cannot sell you


We are bombarded with amazing weight loss programs and endless diet fads, all of which are ours for a low, low price. Here is one weight loss secret that they cannot sell you, one that is absolutely and totally free. Sleep. Yes, that is right, sleep is one way of losing weight. Or to be more accurate, of not putting any extra weight on.

So how does this work? Simple, all you need to do is get a good night’s sleep each and every night, the optimum is about 6-7 hours depending on your personal needs. People who get less than that find that they have an increased appetite.

The reason for this is that a lack of sleep triggers the production of a hormone called ghrelin, a peptide made in the stomach that stimulates appetite and inhibits production of leptin, which provides energy information to the brain. Taken together the increase in ghrelin and the decrease in leptin increase appetite, meaning that someone who has insufficient sleep will find themselves hungrier.

So there you have it, an amazing weight loss secret for free. Make sure you sleep well each night and you will have less appetite. Now all you need to do is eat healthy and exercise!

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