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Are you a sleep drooler?


Most of us will drool a little bit when we sleep at night, it is only natural. For some unfortunate people, sleep drooling can become an embarrassing and annoying condition.

The reason the majority of us drool at night is simple, when we are asleep our body is more relaxed and our jaws open, allowing the drool to simple spill out. While most of the time the amount of drool is barely noticeable and will have dried by the time we wake up, some people drool so much that they are woken up by a soaked pillow.

What can be done to stop this awkward occurrence? One way of preventing over drooling is to sleep on your back, but for many people this is easy said than done. Another cause of severe drooling is medication. Ask your doctor about the prescriptions you are on to see if they promote drooling. Being overweight is also often a factor in severe drooling and losing some of that excess baggage may help to stop your drooling problem. Finally, if you are really concerned about it, go and see an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, as they will check to see if there is anything wrong with your nasal passages or throat.

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