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Ayurveic Medicine for treating insomnia


Sleep is something most of us don’t put a lot of thought into. It is something that we do at the end of the day. We get in bed and drift off, no big deal. However, for many people, it is their nightly nemesis, their endless battle. They struggle to fall asleep and spend large swathes of the night desperately trying to drop off. For anyone who has suffered from insomnia, the horror of not sleeping is very real. It can affect your entire life, putting strain on your work and personal world.

Many who have suffered insomnia have tried conventional medicine only to be disappointed. Sleeping pills put you to sleep, but they make you dependent on them, meaning that you can only get to sleep with the pills. Even worse, when you wake, you feel groggy for the entire day.

That is why so many people look to more traditional and natural methods of getting to sleep. In Ayurvedic medicine, which comes from India, insomnia is seen as being caused by a vata imbalance. Vata regulates breathing and circulation. One of the key ways of treating a vata imbalance is applying oil to the head and foot. You can use coconut, mustard or sesame oil.

So if you struggle with sleep, consult your doctor and think about giving it a go.

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