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Benefits of power napping


First, before discussing the benefits of powernaps, it needs to made clear that powernaps are no replacement for regular sleep and if you find yourself needing to powernap all the time then it is important that you look at your life style and your sleeping habits as regular reliance on powernaps is a sign of a sleep disorder.

That said, powernaps are an incredibly useful tool for anyone who is feeling tired or drowsy and needs to rejuvenate quickly. The awesome thing about powernaps is that a twenty minute sleep is far more refreshing than an hour or two so that you get more from less. The reason for this is that if you sleep for longer than 30 minutes you will drift into deep sleep and if you wake from this stage in the sleep cycle you will be left feeling groggy and tired.

If you get the powernap right you will wake up feeling more refreshed and awake than you did before, all from a sleep of between 10 and 20 minutes. This means that if you have a long day or night ahead of you and are feeling drowsy then all you need to do is take a short powernap and you will be left feeling recharged.

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