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Better sleep means better performance


This may seem like it is fairly obvious but recent research shows that better sleep equates to better sports performance, however, while it seems fairly intuitive, it has become the focus of a new area of sports medicine. American sports teams have begun hiring sleep experts to help out their team. These experts not only help out the team members individually by counselling them through any sleep issues they have but they also work with the coaching and managing staff to create a more sleep conducive schedule so that the players are able to get as much sleep when they need it.

There have been a number of studies recently that have focused on this particular area. All of them have found that sleep is central to sports performance. A group of NBA players were monitored and it was found that those who were put onto an enhanced sleep routine of up to ten hours per night were suddenly outperforming their counterparts in every measure, from speed tests through to shooting accuracy.

While this will probably not have much impact on your amateur sports team it will make a big difference in the world of professional sport, which will make it even more interesting for us to watch.

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