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Body hacks to better sleep


You will have heard of hacking, but you probably associate it with computers. Actually pretty much anything can be hacked. Hacking refers to adapting something, changing it to work in a better or new way. In fact, you can hack your body and brain to make them work better than ever.

Here at Ergoflex we are all about improving people’s sleep, not only do we supply the best mattresses ever, mattresses that are comfortable and supportive, we also like to provide people with advice on how they can improve their sleep quality and quantity. We know how important sleep is to overall wellbeing and health and we are on a mission to help everyone get a better sleep. To that end, here are some fantastic body hacks that can help you get a better sleep.

Do you want to become a hacker? No, not computers. We are talking about hacking your body so that you can get a better sleep. Here at Ergoflex we are determined to help people sleep better, that is our business. Our memory foam mattresses offer the most comfortable and supportive sleep ever, but we know that for many people sleep can be problematic. Around a third of all adults suffer from some form of sleep disorder, from apneas to insomnia. That is why we go the extra distance, we want to help you all sleep better, which is why we are going to show you how to hack your body to get a better sleep.

Blue light. Our body clock is synchronised with the outside world using light. If you work inside all day and want to make sure that your body clock is well synced with the outside world then you need to have a blue light in your office.

Eat smart. The first hack for sleep is eating the right food. There are a number of foods that can help you improve sleep, including cherries, almonds, milk, bananas and yoghurt. Eat these before bed and help yourself to sleep.

Power naps. We actually function better if we have a small sleep during the day, a power nap is the best way of getting this Sleeping longer during the night plays havoc with your body clock, while the power nap is the best way of refreshing and rejuvenating. Make sure you nap for less than 30 minutes though.

White noise. A white noise machine is a great way of distracting yourself. They generate an aural static that has been shown to put people to sleep. 

Take melatonin. Melatonin is one of the most important sleep regulating hormones in the body. It helps regulate the body clock, which is the internal time keeping mechanism that regulates when the body and brain feel tired and when they wake up. You can buy melatonin products but it is important that you talk to your doctor before using it.

There are five hacks that you can use to sleep better. Now go hack your body and get some sleep!

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