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Could honey be the ultimate pre sleep food


Could honey be the ultimate pre sleep food

If you have trouble with your sleep then no doubt you will have read about a number of so called “super sleep foods”. The reality is that for many people these do not have the desired effect, they try them and nothing happens. You would be right then to be sceptical about us telling you of another super sleep food. However, we understand that everyone is different and what works for you may not for others and vice versa. This means that while you will read about certain foods that help, the fact of the matter is that you will need to try them all out for yourself to see which ones make a difference to you.

While sleep is our business, we are not scientists so we cannot explain why certain food types may work for some and not for others, maybe it has to do with the causes of your sleep issues, maybe it is because of your own particular body chemistry, or maybe it is a mix of both of those or even something else altogether.

What we do know is that some people have fond that honey really helps them. It may not help you, but simply eating some honey before bed every night has to be about the least onerous and easiest thing in the world to do, so what have you got to lose?

Aussie musician Stuart King had been waking in the morning feeling tired, suffering from a mental fog and simply struggling to get through the day. He felt like he was sleeping alright at night, but nonetheless was waking in the morning feeling as if he hadn’t slept well at all. He had tried to eliminate different food groups (such as dairy, grains, nightshades, etc) but that didn’t help his problem.

That was when he found out about taking  honey. It turns out that the Chinese have long been using honey as a sleep treatment and once Stuart starting taking just 15 grams of honey a night, that is a few spoonfuls, he started noticing a real difference. Instead of waking feeling like death he was waking feeling alive. He had more energy, his brain was clear and he felt far better. All from a bit of honey each night.

Other people have also noticed an improvement taking honey each night before sleep. While there are a few studies that have found connections between sleep and honey, the reality is that you simply need to give it a go for yourself. It may work for you or it may not. If it doesn’t, the worst outcome is that you are having a nice sweet treat at night before bed, if it does, you may be waking up feeling far better than you have in years.

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