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Dimethyltryptamine The drug that causes you to dream


DMT, or dimethyltryptamine to give it its full name, is one of the  most powerful psychedelic drugs known to mankind. It is, unsurprisingly, illegal, although all of us take it every night. Maybe we should clarify. It is illegal to buy DMT, but our bodies produce it naturally, DMT is the chemical that allows us to dream.

DMT is produced by the brain during REM sleep and although no scientists are sure about how it works, it appears to stimulate various areas of the brain relating to visual reception. The only other time that DMT is produced is during death, which is probably why so many people who have been revived describe such fantastical occurrences.

DMT then is in a strange legal limbo land, it is one of the most illegal drugs on the planet, yet all of our brains make it every night when we sleep. Not only is it found in all of our brains, it can also be extracted from grass. That’s right, common grass that all of us on our lawns.

People who have taken DMT extracted from grass have reported experiencing powerful waking dreams that are as extreme and fantastical as those we experience while we are asleep.

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