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Does sleep affect memory?


Do you struggle to remember important details from yesterday? Well if you do, this may be due to lack of sleep.

Researchers have discovered that sleep helps people retain information, in particular, the deep phases of sleep help the brain store and retain new facts and information. If you are not sleeping well, either struggling to get to sleep or waking every few hours, then your brain will not be entering those deep sleep cycles for as long or at all and it will not be able to process and store the day’s information, leaving you with the memory of a goldfish in the morning.

That is it is so important to deal with a sleeping problem early on as otherwise it can have a wide range of negative consequences on your life. Memory is vital and if you are constantly forgetting important details from the day before then you will fall behind, whether it is in work, with your friends, your partner or your children. People hate it when you forget and it can damage relationships and affect your career.

Fortunately, there are many simple things that you can do to sleep better at night, from changing your diet to creating a sleep inducing bedroom.

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