Does sleeping more equal sleep quality


Many people equate more sleep with better sleep but the reality is that these are not equivalent at all. In fact, sleeping more can actually be worse for you and long term over sleeping has been shown to have a correlation with a shorter life span.

A recent survey in China shows that sleeping more does not equal good sleep quality. It found that on average Chinese people sleep around eight hours and 50 minutes every single day, but nearly half of respondents feel tired and sluggish when they  wake, which most of them put down to excessive use of mobile phones, worries over marriage and work pressures.

The reality is that sleep quality is more important than the amount of sleep you get (as long as you are getting enough). Sleep quality means that your sleep is undisturbed, that it you are not stressed when you go to sleep, that you are sleeping in a comfortable bed in a dark and quiet room and that you are following consistent sleep patterns and behaviours.

The average person needs around 7 hours sleep a night though many will have just that and still not feel refreshed in the morning because the quality of their sleep is poor.

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