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Energy drinks vs sleep


Energy drinks have gone from being virtually unheard of a decade ago to filling half the fridges in our stores. Often these drinks are marketed as containing vitamins and herbal extracts that are supposed to make your more healthy and alert. However, the main ingredients in these drinks, the ones that actually have a dramatic effect on your body, are caffeine and sugar. The herbal extracts and vitamins are generally added as a way of making the consumer feel slightly better about pouring so much caffeine and sugar down their throat.

Some of the drinks on the market actually contain so much caffeine that they can cause serious sleep problems, even if consumed in the morning. While there are no hard and fast numbers regarding how much caffeine someone can drink in a day, as we all have quite different limits, it is generally recommended that people do not consume more than 250 milligrams of the substance. Many energy drinks have between 200-250 milligrams in them, putting them close to or on our daily limit. Anymore caffeine, even one cup of coffee, will put you over.

This means that even one can of energy drink could cause, or worsen, someone’s insomnia, even if drunk 12 hours earlier. The lesson is to monitor your consumption.

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