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Feng Shui and Sleep


Our bodies and minds are incredibly sensitive to our surroundings. There are so many levels of awareness that we do not know about. Some are subconscious and some are super conscious. We just kind of cruise along in the middle, not knowing about how our surroundings impact on our lives. Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that comes from Taoism. It is focused on how we can arrange the physical spaces around us to improve the energy flow. While many people scoff at Feng Shui, there are just as many people around the world who have found it incredibly beneficial in their lives.

One of the many ways that Feng Shui can help is in helping people with insomnia to get to sleep. Feng Shui instructs you on how to lay out your room to maximise your sleep. Here are some helpful Feng Shui guidelines on how your room should be arranged to help you sleep:

1. Make sure your bed is not in the corner of the room. The corners of rooms are where the energy becomes stagnant and this makes it harder to sleep.
2. Don’t put your bed near a window as this is where energy drains away from.
3. Place your bed so that your feet face directly toward the door.

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