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Five signs you need more sleep


You probably already know why you need more sleep, especially if you have just become a parent! However, for those who mightn’t be sure if they are getting enough sleep here are five signs that you are not:
1.You are always hungry. Yes, constant hunger is a sign of not getting enough sleep. One of the symptoms of insomnia is weight gain, so if you can’t stop eating maybe you are not getting enough sleep.
2.You are really weepy. People get more emotional when they don’t sleep enough, so if you find yourself crying during soppy movies when you never used to, maybe you are not sleeping enough.
3.You are more clumsy. Not sleeping enough plays havoc with your coordination, if you have becoming more unco and clumsy then chances are that you are not getting enough sleep.
4.You are more forgetful. If you have forgotten why you are reading this list and can’t remember the first three items on it then you might not be sleeping enough as insomnia makes you forgetful.
5.You have a permanent cold. If your nose has been running for months, if you have a never ending cough, then this could be a sign that you are not sleeping as your immune system becomes run down without enough sleep.

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