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Forgetfulness and sleep


It seems that every time sleep researchers uncover a new fact it points towards the incredible importance of sleep to almost every single facet of our lives.

Case in point. A recent scientific study found that people who do not sleep well are more forgetful in their everyday life. The study looked at different groups of people—whose IQs and other intelligence measures were the same—those who slept well, those who slept poorly and a control group of mixed sleepers.

They then gave each group a list of facts and details to remember, then tested them on the list the next day and found that those who slept well showed far better memory retention and retrieval. The poor sleepers performed worse across the board.

To test these findings they then took the group who slept well and disturbed their sleep for several weeks, thus checking to see if the results were simply due to the relative abilities of the two groups.

Shockingly, they found that the group of good sleepers’ memory skills were dramatically reduced after only a few weeks of insufficient sleep, showing that it is definitely a lack of sleep that effects memory.

Don’t forget to sleep well tonight!

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