Four hours sleep enough for Thatcher


With the death of the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher, the world lost one of the most powerful woman of the 20th century. She was a feared leader, someone who rose from the lower classes to rule the UK for almost a decade.

So what was her secret? How did a lower class female in a class obsessed and male dominated society rise to the top and stay there? Obviously there is no single answer to such a complex question but part of it may lie in the fact that Thatcher only needed four hours sleep a night.

That means that she had an extra three or four hours to work each day and according to sources she put that extra time to use. She had a ferocious work ethic and would often put in 16 to 20 hour days.

While this is only part of the answer you can see how this would help. Each week she had an extra 20 hours of time to work, each year that gave her more than a 1000 hours extra.

Thatcher is not the only politician who needed less sleep, our own Kevin Rudd usually only has four a night as well.

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