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Go the f to sleep


Most children’s books are sweet and caring, most children’s books are written to make children feel safe and cared for, they often filter out the worst parts of the world and exaggerate the nicer parts, and who would want it any other way? The last thing you want is for your young ones to be exposed to the truth.

Once in a while though, a book for children comes along that is a little bit more honest. Go the f to sleep is one of those books. The title clearly suggests this. This is not your average kid’s book. The book was written by a man whose daughter took two hours to go to sleep each night, needing to be read to the whole time. Many parents can sympathise with his plight. Reading on they hope that their little angel will drift off so they can leave, only to find them staring bright eyed, nowhere near asleep.

The book went on to be a smash hit around the world as it seems the author tapped into a fairly common feeling among parents. That is, we love you dearly and look forward to playing with you tomorrow but for now would you please go the f to sleep!

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