Going to bed hungry?


Sleep is a central part of all of our lives, occupying around a third of our time on this planet. Amazingly, for something as important as sleep, many of us don’t actually spend that much time thinking about it or ensuring it is fulfilling. Compared to other trivia that we obsess over and spend time perfecting, many people just assume that they are sleeping well and leave it at that. The reality is that many people do not sleep well and this effects their day to day lives.

There are many simple ways to have a better night’s sleep. One of these is to ensure that you go to bed with a full stomach. Going to bed hungry makes it harder to get to sleep and it will often result in a less restorative sleep. Having a light and healthy snack a few hours before bedtime helps to give you the regenerative night’s rest that you need. Do not over do it, as being overly full is not good for the body either. Good foods to eat before bed are all fruits, yoghurt, cereals and muesli bars. Try to steer clear of processed foods and foods containing high levels of sugar or fat.

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