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We are a big part of our customers health and happiness. Our mattresses help people sleep well every night and we are proud to help thousands of people every year to sleep in a more supportive and comfortable way. Because sleep is so intrinsically connected to health we can’t help but be interested in wider health issues, especially those that sleep plays a role in. We are always looking for better ways to deal with the many issues that people have in their lives and in that spirit, here are a number of tips on how you can improve your sleep to be healthy.

Our vision is for our customers to be happy and healthy. Sleeping on our memory foam beds is a big part of that. Our memory foam mattresses have a number of fantastic health benefits, from easing back pain to helping with circulation, from reducing allergens to helping with apnea. However, we understand that there are also many areas of health that are directly and indirectly connected to sleep, from diet to stress. This article will look at some of these and try and make suggestions that will improve your sleep and make you fitter and healthier.

Diet. Most of us understand that our diets play a big part in our sleep. What we eat and drink can help us sleep well or it can disturb out sleep. That is why it is essential that we all eat and drink foods and beverages that help with our sleeping and avoid those that interfere with our sleep. Fortunately, the same foods and drinks that are bad for our health in general are also those that disrupt our sleep, so steer clear of foods that contain lots of saturated fats and drinks with lots of sugar in them. There are also lots of great foods and drinks that can help us sleep including cherries, banana, milk, almonds, eggs, miso, cereal and many herbal teas. Eat and drink these during the day and close to bed at night and you will have a better quality and quantity of sleep.

Stress. Stress is a huge problem in many of our lives. What is worse is that stress makes it hard to sleep and the less sleep we get the more stressed we become. It can be difficult to break out of this cycle, but it is important that you do. So how can you do this? There are a number of different ways. The most obvious is to deal with the stress,  though this is not always an option. If you are unable to deal with the source of the stress, then you need to at least sleep well. Find a way of distracting yourself at night. You can listen to relaxing music or even a audio book. Some people use meditation or yoga to help themselves forget about the stress.

We understand how important sleep is to your health. The two are closely connected, in fact, often sleeping well can make you healthy and becoming healthier can help you sleep well.

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