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How good sleep helps you have a good relationship


Good sleep is really a fundamental part of having a happy and healthy life, a lack of sleep can have a number of concerning consequences, from weight gain to hallucinations, from memory problems to depression. Sleep is closely connected to our general health and wellbeing, it is also a big part of having a healthy relationship.

As many wise sages have commented, being in a relationship is often about compromise. It means that you have to accept the bad with the good, it means that sometimes you have to put up with some negatives to enjoy the positives. Being in a relationship is something that both parties have to work at, no long term relationship is ever all smooth sailing, there will be issues and there will be problems.

When people talk about problems in the bedroom you usually think of their sex life, but those are not the only problems you can have in the bedroom. Many couples struggle with sleep. Often there has to be some form of compromise,  one partner must put up with the actions or behaviour of the other. There are many areas of sleep that can annoy in a relationship.

Some people struggle with their partner’s snoring as they are blissful asleep they keep their partner awake by imitating a chainsaw, cow or pig. Other people struggle because they like a firm bed and their partner likes a soft one, meaning that they have to spend night after night in a bed that they do not like. Bed time and sleep duration are another area that can cause trouble. Some people like to stay up late reading while their partner wants the light off early. Other couples struggle because one is a night owl and the other is a early bird.

As well as problems caused by your partner, sleep can also impact relationships when someone is not getting the quality and quantity of sleep. If you or your partner is suffering from some form of sleep disorder then it will impact your relationship. Even a few nights of insufficient sleep are enough to make someone depressed, irritable, short tempered and forgetful, all of which impact a relationship.

Getting good sleep then is vital for the health of your relationship. If you struggle with your partner’s sleeping habits then need to work out some form of compromise. It is both of your interests to find middle ground that can help you both. If they are snoring then they need to look at their lifestyle and diet, if you like different beds look into getting a bed that provides comfort and support, if you want to read while your partner is asleep look at getting a special light or using a Kindle.

Whatever is happening, your aim needs to be to improve your sleep and your partner’s sleep as it will help in your relationship, making you both happier and healthier and making your relationship healthier as well.  Good sleep helps you have a good relationship.

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