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How much does a new baby cost in sleep?


You have probably already heard the figures that many people attach to the cost of raising a child. One stat has it that each child will cost you around $200 000 by the time they are eighteen, another puts this at $500 000. Whatever the financial cost, we all know that there are other costs involved with raising a child.

One of these costs, at least early on, is the loss of sleep. Unsurprisingly, scientists have studied this problem and have come up with an average number of hours missed sleep that each baby ‘costs’. They calculated that baby will cost its parents between 400-750 hours of lost sleep in the first year and around 300 lost hours in the second year.

Naturally these figures will vary across individual babies, with some little angels seeming to sleep through the night for their parents, while others (generally your own!) will be night owls that barely need any sleep and seem to keep you awake for about 400 hours just in one night.

The only good thing is that by the time they become teenagers, they will start repaying their debt, sleeping for anywhere between 12 and 16 hours a day, allowing you to do the same if you wish.

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