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How to get better sleep when travelling for business


How to get better sleep when travelling for business

If you travel for business then you know how important it is to sleep well. You want to be at your best, yet travelling, even when you are not crossing time zones, can play havoc with your sleep. You are in a different bed, you have lots to think about, it all adds up to a less than optimal sleep often. That is why you need to take charge, you need to be proactive. Don’t just hope that you sleep well, make sure that you do. Here are some methods for sleeping well on your next business trip so you can nail it.

Control the environment
One of the big issues when you travel is that you are sleeping in a different bed and room to your own. While most of the time this is fine, sometimes you can strike a room that is either too bright and light or too noisy. That is why you need to take control of your environment. Make sure that you have ear plugs and an eye mask packed so that you are able to block out any unwanted stimuli. Take control of your environment.

If you are crossing a time zone then the best thing you can do is start to acclimatise yourself to the new time zone before you go. Spend a week going to be progressively earlier or later (depending on which direction you are going). Even if you managed to adapt by a couple of hours this can have a huge impact.

Bring a good book
Whatever you do, do not read your business documents in bed. Your bed should be reserved for sleep activities. A good book is the best way of relaxing in bed, of letting the mind calm down and unwind. Reading work related documents in bed is a sure fire way of giving yourself something to stress about when you should be trying to sleep.

Avoid the booze
When you go away on business it is always tempting to have a few night caps, especially if you are out with your hosts. This is a bad idea. You want to be sharp as a tack the next day and alcohol plays havoc with your sleep patterns. Even a couple of drinks before bed can ruin your sleep. It is not worth it, have a herbal tea instead.

Eat well
Another problem when you go away on business is not eating well. Often you end up eating more junk food and takeaways than you ever would at home. Thing is that all those junk foods are not just bad for your health, they are bad for your sleep as well. Try to eat healthy foods and you will sleep better.

If you are about to head off on a business trip then you need to take charge of your sleep. It is up to you, make sure that you sleep well and your business trip will be a success. Don’t jeopardise your big opportunity because you haven’t slept well, follow these tips.


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