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How to live longer?


If you want to prolong your life there is something very simple you can do right now. All you need to do is set your alarm clock one hour earlier, that is if you usually sleep for eight hours a night.

There has been a wealth of recent research that has challenged the idea that people need around eight hours of sleep a night. One study looked at over a million adults and found that those who slept for eight hours a night were 12 percent more likely to die within the next six years than those who got between six and seven hours of sleep a night. The risk increased to around 15 percent for those who slept more than eight and a half hours a night or less than four.

A number of other studies have confirmed these results, forcing a major rethink across the world regarding the way we sleep. While scientists have always believed that the amount of sleep we get is related to our general health, few believed that they were related in such a tangible and obvious way. One extra hour of sleep a night increases the chances of dying by 12 percent, in scientific terms, this is a dramatic result.

If you want to increase your life, set the alarm just that little bit earlier.

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