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How to make your child smarter with sleep


Every parent wants their child to be smart, it is one of the universal desires of parenthood. While there are a number of different ways that parents can go about ensuring that their child is as smart as they can possibly be there is one that society on the whole may have been overlooking for years and it is one that many children, in particular teenagers, have been trying to tell us forever.

It is quite simple, allow your children to have more sleep. That’s right, it is as simple as letting them have an extra hour of sleep in the morning. Two out of three adults is sleep deprived and it seems that this is woeful record that we as a society push upon our children. Children need more sleep than adults and these sleep requirements change as they grow up. Recent studies have discovered that teenagers are not actually lazy, they simply need more sleep during this period.

The more sleep deprived a child is, the worse they do at school. They are unable to concentrate during the day and they have less time at night to process all the important new memories they should have absorbed during the day. If you want your child to do better at school, the simple answer is to let them sleep more.

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