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How to prepare for sleep


While the majority of people do not find getting ready for bed to much of a problem there are some problem sleepers out there who really struggle. Here is a guide for those poor people who must battle with sleep each night.

Before you go to sleep each night, you need to develop a routine, a set of things that help ease you into the right physical and mental state before bed. By doing the same thing each and every night, you are creating a pattern that your body will learn to recognise and after a while simply doing these activities will make you more tired and ready for sleep.

There are a number of different things you can do in this routine and the exact routine will vary for each individual. However, there are a number of common elements in many people’s routines.
Here is a list of the common pre-bed activities that can help put you in the right state to go to sleep: having a nice hot bath, reading a good book, doing some light exercise, meditating, watching television or listening to relaxing music.

You can combine several of these to help create a more recognisable pattern for your body.

Good luck and good night.

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