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Insomnia prevalent among teens


The teenage years are one of the most important for both physical and mental development. They mark the transition from child to adult and it is vital that during this period everything possible is done to ensure that the transition is a positive and healthy one. Sleep is vital during this period and while the traditional perspective was that teenagers slept so much because they were lazy, the recent school of thought is that they actually need that sleep as part of the massive physical and psychological changes they are undergoing.

It is concerning then that insomnia is increasing in prevalence amongst teens. One of the major reasons for this rise in insomnia is the increase in technology and the consequential decline in physical activity.

The rise in technology has not only lead to teenagers being far less physically active, a situation that in itself causes sleeping problems, but also has a more direct effect on sleep. Teens now live lives surrounded by distracting technology and many go to sleep watching TV, texting or listening to music. This distracted sleep environment is bad for sleep and can cause insomnia. It is vital that teens’ have a quiet and dark sleeping environment, where their technological playthings have been put to bed for the night.

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