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Is it bad not to sleep?


We all know that sleeping is important but many people do not realise quite how bad not sleeping can be, unless of course they have suffered through insomnia themselves. Those who have experienced insomnia before understands the widespread consequences of not sleeping.

The list of issues that lack of sleep can bring about is scarily long. Short term consequences can include exhaustion, bad temper, acute muscle pains, giddiness and headaches as well as hallucinations and memory loss. Even on their own these symptoms can have serious repercussions for an individual and suffering from more than one can be debilitating.

However, more worrying than the short term problems that can come from lack of sleep are the long term consequences. Missing a night or two’s sleep is bad, but struggling with sleep for weeks or months is serious and can become a critical issue. Long term sleep deprivation often suppress important growth hormones, it makes people more prone to stress, it lowers the immune system and it reduces the sex drive. Sleep deprivation also reduces the body’s ability to recover from injury and to fight off disease. In the end these issues will often reinforce each other, causing the individual to become increasingly sick and depressed.

If you are struggling with sleep, see a medical specialist.

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