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Is sleeping after eating bad for your weight?


We all know that swimming after eating is a no-no, but what about sleeping after eating? Many doctors and nutritionists recommend avoiding having heavy meals near bedtime as it can lead to weight gain. This is one of the many reasons that lunch should be the largest and heaviest meal of the day, while dinner should be something lighter and less stodgy. Another important reason for eating your main meal at lunch is that it will help you sleep better at night.

If you go to bed with a full stomach then your body will struggle to process the food with the same efficiency that it has during the day. This is largely because during the day you are vertical and your digestion is aided by gravity, but there are also other metabolic reasons.

Inefficient digestion leads to weight gain. If you eat the same food amount and type, but eat the majority of it during the day when your body’s digestion is aided by gravity, then you will not put as much weight on, meaning that you might be able to avoid that diet after all, as long as you switch from having your main meal at night to having it during the day.

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