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It might be your own fault you are sleeping bad


It might be your own fault you are sleeping bad

Are you not sleeping well? It may very well be your own fault. Though many people who struggle with sleep related issues, including premature waking, problems falling asleep and restless sleep in general are tempted to look for causes to these problems, they may want to look for an external factor instead. The reality is that often the only one to blame is themselves. We can condition ourselves to sleep poorly and this conditioning can be hard to break, especially if you are looking for something other than yourself to blame. So maybe it is time to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself whether there is anyone or anything else to blame for your poor sleep other than yourself.

If you are struggling with sleep then chances are you have tried to work out what is going on. No doubt much of this exploration has focused on external factors, your diet, your lifestyle, medical conditions, environment and any number of other things that you can blame. However, it could very well be that the only cause of your sleep problems is you. Yes, you.

It turns out that many sleep problems do not have any other cause than being a conditioned issue. That is the sleeper has generated a psychological blockage that impacts their sleep. In many cases there was an external factor that originally had an influence on sleep but this has gone and the problem remains, in other cases the person has simply generated the problem on their own.

Either way, if you want to take care of the problem then you need to confront it face on. The best way of working out if it is you or there is an external factor is that if after you have exhausted any possible external cause and are still struggling to sleep, then chances are it is you that is the problem. So what can you do to take care of this conditioning? The last thing you want is to have bad sleep for no other reason than that you have somehow conditioned yourself into this situation.

What you need to do is try all of the following as there is no one answer:

Schedule: First thing you need to do is go to sleep and get up to a strict schedule as this will help the body clock to synchronise your sleep cycle.

Meditation: The conscious and subconscious are complex and one of the best ways of battling the conditioning is by learning how to meditate. This will help relax you so that you can overcome the conditioning.

Music: Listening to music at night, relaxing music, can distract you and may help you to overcome the conditioning. Find something soothing and calming, listen to it every night.

Mindgames: There are lots of mindgames you can play that can help distract you. You can try to count backwards in odd incremental numbers, say start at 999 and take off 3 at a time. Or you could try to solve a logic puzzle, or you could make a story up. All these are aimed at distracting the brain.

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