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Liquids before bed can upset your sleep cycle


If you are finding it difficult to get to sleep at night or are finding yourself tired and drained in the morning, then it is time that you had a look at your routines, diet and habits. These can all dramatically affect both our ability to get to sleep  and the quality of our sleep.

There are so many factors that can affect our sleep, from physical issues like pain and diet through to emotional factors like stress and depression. Identifying what is interfering with our sleep cycle is vital and needs to be done in a methodical and comprehensive fashion. Start by making a list of your daily routines and habits, noting anything that could be causing trouble. Do not rule out anything, even if it seems mundane as often the most obvious explanation is the right one.

If you are finding that you wake often at night needing to go to the toilet, then chances are that you are drinking too much liquid during the night and this is causing you to wake, thus interfering with your sleep. Drink less during the night and make sure you go to the bathroom before bed, this should help you to work out whether this is the problem or not.

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