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Lucid Dreams


As little as we understand them dreams have always been an important part of our lives. We use the term to describe our hopes and ambitions, which shows how central these enigmatic and confusing apparitions are.

While most dreams are uncontrollable we do have the ability to lucid dream. This is a dream where you are able to control what occurs to a greater degree than you can in normal dreams. Most people find they lucid dream if they wake up after a dream and then go back to sleep, falling back into the same dream but this time aware that it is a dream and able to manipulate it.

While for most people lucid dreams are simply a random and pleasant experience, some are not satisfied with this and actively pursue the ability to lucid dream at will. This people often begin by keeping a dream journal where they write down their dreams every morning. They also practice trying to enter back into old and common dream scenarios. Another trick is to focus on an object or person as you go to sleep as this can manifest them in your dreams.

If you are interested in lucid dreaming, look it up, there are some great tutorials online that can help.

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