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Natural ways to better sleep


Natural ways to better sleep

As purveyors of the best memory foam mattresses available, we are sleep professionals who take pride in knowing everything there is to know about this mostly nocturnal phenomenon. Not content with simply selling the most incredibly supportive and comfortable mattresses we want to help all our customers sleep well, which means offering advice on a whole range of sleep related issues. We are firm believers in natural sleep, even for those who have sleep disorders. We know that there are many simple natural changes people can make that will improve their sleep quality and quantity. In that spirit here are some natural ways to better sleep.

Leave the stress at the bedroom door.
Unfortunately, stress and sleep do not go together. The more stressed you are the harder it is to get to sleep. The less sleep you have the more stressed you become. While stress is often unavoidable in life, you need to make sure it doesn’t affect your sleep. Find a way to deal with it, whether you use meditation, yoga or simply listen to audio books to distract yourself, leave the stress at the bedroom door.

Change your diet.
Everything you ingest has an effect on you. Many of the foods and drinks can have positive and negative consequences for your sleep. Fatty, heavy and spicy foods are bad for your sleep, so are caffeine and alcohol. Try to reduce these for a better sleep. Other foods and beverages actively help people sleep. Things like dairy products, cherries, bananas, almonds and herbal teas all help people sleep by changing their biochemistry.

Turn your bedroom into a sleep environment.
There are a number of things you can do to make your bedroom more conducive to sleep. A good sleep space is quiet, dark and has good air flow. The quieter, dark you can make the space the better, the more air flow you can get the better you will sleep. If you live on a busy street you could buy curtains that block noise, or wear ear plugs. Make sure you turn all the lights in your room off, buy blackout curtains and do not leave any electronic devices on standby as even those small lights can play havoc with your body clock. If you can’t sleep with the window open get a fan so you get fresh air flowing through your room.

Stick to your schedule
Your sleep is regulated by your body clock. Unsurprisingly for something called a body clock, it works in a clocklike fashion, meaning that you need to stick to your body clock’s schedule if you want to sleep well. The body clock regulates your waking and sleeping cycle, it releases different hormones to make you tired and to wake you up. If you stick to the same schedule every day then you are helping your body clock, if you go to bed at wildly different times every night and get up a different times then you are working against your body clock. Stick to the schedule!

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