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Next station Snoozeville. Public transport tops the list of random places where Aussies fall asleep


Next station Snoozeville. Public transport tops the list of random places where Aussies fall asleep

If you find yourself nodding off on the train, you’re not alone. Aussies are catching up on sleep wherever they can, and the daily commute is the most common place to get some much needed shut-eye. According to our new survey, public transport tops the list of the ‘strangest’ places Australians admit they have fallen asleep.

We polled around 2,000 Australians to discover where and how people sleep. The results found 97 per cent of people admitted to sleeping somewhere other than in bed, with responses ranging from the uncomfortable or embarrassing to the downright bizarre.

If you manage to stay awake on the journey to and from work, the study found you might struggle while you’re there. Australian workplaces and classrooms are the second most common places to sleep with many also admitting to falling asleep in meetings, at their desks and even beside noisy equipment.

The top five places people have fallen asleep are:
1. On public transport
2. At work or in class
3. At the cinema
4. At the beach
5. Whilst on the toilet

A surprising number of people also admitted to napping in some bizarre places. These included sleeping at live concerts, while getting a tattoo, in cemeteries, leaning against supermarket shelves, during football matches, at parent/teacher evenings, on a merry-go-round, or even while standing up.

A frightening statistic also emerged from the research with 5 per cent saying they have fallen asleep at the wheel of a car or while riding a motorbike.

It's no surprise Australians are falling asleep in unusual places, with the survey uncovering a number of factors that explain why Aussies are so tired.

The survey found that 85 per cent of Australian get less than eight hours sleep each night, with one in five people saying they never get a good night’s sleep. Only one third of respondents said they go to bed before 10pm.

 While some responses to the survey were amusing, falling asleep in weird places may in fact be a symptom of poor quality sleep. Following a regular sleep routine and ensuring you get the recommended amount of sleep can go a long way to improving your health and wellbeing, safety and even happiness.

Getting a good night’s sleep will ensure you are fully rested and have the energy you need to not only stay awake but be productive throughout the day. You may even find that you avoid nodding off in random places!

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