With the dramatic decrease in TV price and the increasing work load on parents, many are putting TVs in their children’s rooms from a very young age. While this may be convenient most sleep experts believe that it is a bad idea to let your children have a TV in their room.

There are a number of reasons for this. The first is that as it is relatively unmonitored children end up watching more TV and watch it later into the night. This alone will have a negative impact on your child’s sleep cycle as they will stay up later and will therefore need to sleep in later. Keeping a healthy sleep routine is vital for growing children and they should be getting to sleep in time to wake up fresh for school each morning.

The other major problem with having a TV in the bedroom is that the bedroom should be a sleep conducive space with as little distractions as possible. Even when a TV is off, it will often have a standby light on, which is enough to affect the sleep cycle. Small amounts of light in a dark room can influence the body clock and negatively impair the quality and quantity of sleep.

The simple rule is no TVs in children’s rooms.

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