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Nude sleeping couples are happier


It seems that scientists will study pretty much anything, and from the annals of unbelievable scientific studies we bring you a recent research project which survey 100,000 couples and found that, amongst a number of other things, that couples that sleep nude are happier.

Yes, it seems that if you sleep naked together you are a happier couple. Before you go throwing your clothes of at night to make your relationship more fun, though, we need to explore what this really means. What the research does not explain is the link between the nudity and the happiness. It would seem obvious the nude sleeping is an outcome of happiness rather than the cause. In other words happy couples are more likely to sleep nude together, not that sleeping nude together makes you happier.

It should be noted that when big surveys like this are conducted they aggregate large numbers and that there will be couples who sleep nude who are not happy and couples who sleep in pajamas and hairnets and bed socks and night caps who are happy, so if you are not a nude sleeper you shouldn’t read too much into this... unless of course you are not happy, in which case maybe you should try sleeping nude!

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